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Helping a family member who is suffering from marijuana addiction requires a great deal of patience and understanding. Consider the addiction as a weakness in order to find suitable solutions without creating tension within the household.

Remember that you are dealing with a family member. This person is someone you love regardless of the circumstances.

Here are some ways on how you can help a family member who is suffering from marijuana abuse;

1. Organize Regular Family Dinners

Quality time with the whole family can fill in the emptiness that a person hides within himself/herself. It establishes healthy relationships and strengthens the bond that exists within the family.

It also creates a happy and supportive environment for everyone. Nightly dinners that are casual, homey and comfortable can create a sense of completeness for a person who is suffering from weed addiction and makes him/her feel loved and less alone.

2. Express Love And Support

Never nag, reprimand and punish a family member who is dealing with weed addiction. Such form of discipline will never work because it can only draw the person away from you.

Showing indifference and be expressing distaste within the household will not help the person at all Instead, this could lead to depression, anger, and loneliness.

More than anything, constant expression of love and support is needed in order to provide reassurance that he/she is never alone and that he/she is accepted.

This can build self-esteem which is a good foundation towards self-love.

3. Create Activities At Home For The Whole Family

For some individuals suffering from addiction, special attention does not necessarily work. It only makes them feel like they are different.

It also gives them the impression that they are weaker which is why they are treated differently.

Although this is not entirely true for everyone who is suffering from addiction, it would still be highly beneficial to treat all family members equally – and to love them unconditionally.

Activities that boost their confidence and give them great joy should be done at home such as gardening, cookouts and barbecue parties, fun games wherein all family members can participate, karaoke nights and even movie marathons.

4. Talk

Talking to each family member creates unique bonds that can make a person feel special.

Take the time to talk to your family member who is suffering from marijuana abuse. This could be done at home and in private where the person is most comfortable. It could also be done elsewhere more relaxing and reassuring.

Talking helps in releasing emotions that had been kept for a long time It can change a person’s perspective on life by unloading problems and issues that tend to cloud judgment and rational thinking.

Start by talking about his/her dreams, plans for the future, and faith. If you really want to help this family member, talking to him/her about life can make a difference.

5. Acknowledge The Need For Help

If you feel that this family member who is suffering from marijuana addiction recognizes his/her need for help, and would accept such support wholeheartedly, it is time to seek professional help.

Call our helplines for marijuana addicts 1-855-997-1492 and our staff will attend to you shortly.

Remember not to drag the person to a rehabilitation facility or healthcare professional. The person must be willing to submit to the process.

Otherwise, give it some time and express all the love and understanding you can give.

A person who is well-loved and guided will know when it is already time for treatment. What you can do is to just be patient.